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Brewers, beer importers and beer distributors are proud to serve America.

Brewers, beer importers and beer distributors are proud to serve America.

America’s beer industry supports nearly 2.4 million jobs, provides more than $132 billion in wages and benefits, and contributes more than $409 billion to the U.S. economy. Today our nation’s brewers, beer importers and independent beer distributors not only provide Americans with their favorite alcohol beverage, but they continue to be a cornerstone to America’s economy. The Beer Serves America report is a comprehensive study of the number of American jobs the beer industry supports, from farmers and brewers and beer importers to beer distributors and servers at your favorite bars and restaurants.


Beer Serves Americans in Every State

Every state, congressional district and state legislative district has jobs that depend on our nation’s beer industry. America’s beer industry contributes about 1.6% of our nation’s gross domestic product. Beer’s production and distribution linkages impact firms in 96% of the U.S. economy.

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Each job in the brewing industry generates 30 jobs located in every corner of the country. Farmers, truck drivers and your friends and neighbors who work in your favorite bars and restaurants all rely on our nation’s beer industry.

Beer is…

More than 52,000 agricultural jobs depend on the American beer industry. And it is more than barley and hops that brewers rely on when making your favorite beer. Brewers draw flavors from cranberries, herbs, honey, oysters, pumpkins, and spruce tips when crafting beer.

The U.S. beer industry supports nearly 78,000 manufacturing jobs. These skilled hands help produce more than 45 billion beer cans and 18.7 billion beer bottles each year. But it’s more than just that—from the cardboard that holds a six-pack to the pint glass you lift to toast a special occasion, the beer industry supports manufacturing jobs across the United States.

More than 92,000 Americans work in our nation’s brewing industry. This includes America’s more than 6,600 active brewers and beer importers, who are providing consumers with more choices and styles of beer than at any point in our nation’s history. But it also includes people like microbiologists and chemists, men and women with diverse backgrounds and skills who work for our nation’s brewers and beer importers.

More than 137,000 Americans work for our nation’s beer distributors. Beer distributors have a wide variety of jobs, including the truck drivers you see delivering beer to bars, restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets as well as the men and women who manage their warehouses.

Nearly 980,000 jobs in our nation’s retail sector depend on the U.S. beer industry. Your local bartender, the friendly waitress, and the helpful cashier are all supported by the $132.6 billion in wages generated by beer each year.